Singo’s early minimal ambient productions were produced using just a Roland SH-2 and old 8-track tape decks, reflecting the heavy influence on his sound by Steve Reich. After spending some time in London, Singo turned his attention to dance music and soon was signed to the seminal Hook Recordings.

In 2002, Singo’s double pack, “The Stark Blue EP,” was released on Hook, featuring four very unique tracks well received by top DJs and clubbers alike. The EP was played on influential radio stations including Kiss FM (London) and was licensed to the best-selling “Energy Ibiza 2002” mix CD (Energetic Records).

Since his Hook release, Singo has continued to DJ and perform his unique live set throughout Japan, as well as compose remixes for a variety of Japanese pop stars.. 2004 saw the release of the tough progressive thumper, “Plexi Music,” on the Los Angeles-based Propulsion Records.