The exact moment that Peter Corvaia knew that electronic music would control his life was when he first heard the track "Twilight Zone" by 2 Unlimited. Although it was 1992 and he was only 12 years of age, it is when his love of dance music started. He began purchasing music from artists creating electronic sounds but not necessarily dance music, such as Nine Inch Nails. Eventually, Peter would listen to groups like The Prodigy and Faithless with an eager ear.

At 17, he purchased his first turntables and began looking for records. Peter started out playing hip hop and top-10 dance tracks before finding record stores in the Philadelphia area which had a broader range of styles of music.

In 1998, during his freshman year at college, Peter purchased a keyboard and drum machine to create his own music. Although his past experience as a musician included playing the trumpet and piano, it seemed to be quite an experiment learning to compose digitally. Spending more time with music than with school work, it only seemed logical to try a different career path. After two years of schooling as a computer science major, Peter decided that a school for audio engineering may be a better idea.

In 2003, Peter graduated from SAE Institute of Technology with a certificate in audio engineering. The following year he interned in a New York City recording studio before becoming the sound engineer for the post-production studio Charles Morrow Productions. There he worked with unconventional forms of audio and experimented with multi-channel recording and playback systems, including its 8.1 channel Sound Cube that can create 3D sound environments which includes a Z-axis to form vertical sound movement. During his time there, he had the opportunity to work with world-renowned sound artists such as Stephen Vitiello and Martyn Ware.

Eventually, Peter would move back to Pennsylvania to take a break from life in the city and decide where he wanted to go next with his passion for sound. Since then, he has released music on multiple dance-mix compilations. His music is now getting play from DJs across the globe. Peter's productions have ranged from progressive house to minimal techno. Look for future releases in both record stores and online, not only through other record labels but also his own Capsuled Records.