Jairus Miller has been making noise of some sort ever since he was a child. After taking piano lessons intermittently, he picked up a guitar at age 13 and began to make new kinds of sounds. The desire to expand his spectrum of musical expression eventually materialized in the recording of sounds on tape, and this turn led to the acquisition and use of software-based, computer music production.

In 1998, Jairus began releasing music online under the moniker "Isotope 99" and later under the guise of "5i". Soon after, Jairus's music found its way into a variety of production music libraries for use in film, television, and other media. In 2004, up-and-coming Australian label Infamous Light Recordings released the four-track "Feng Shui EP" by Jairus, which has received support from many internationally known DJs. Slowly developing and growing over time, in the past six years Jairus's music has been featured in DJ sets and mixes, national television broadcasts, live online webcasts, and a variety of music reviews.

2005 saw digital releases on Hunya Munya ("Startide" and "Ever After"), ILR ("Jester and "Venutian Dancer"), Adjust Recordings (the Balance Record Pool-charted "Burning Hands"), and Toes in the Sand (remixes of Naveen G and Michael Lanning tracks). Jairus also released his debut digital LP,"The Age of Wonder," on German label Shrimps and Chips.

2006 saw the release of "Earthworks" on Adjust, a track featuring some great remixers which reached number four on the Balance chart. In the immediate future, Jairus has multiple releases and remixes lined up, with more sure to follow.