At first, DownKill (aka Leel-Ossy András) experienced the world of dance music purely as a consumer, buying and listening to as much as he could. Initially, the sounds of techno dominated his tastes. Eventually, he felt compelled to create his own music, which first began as a hobby, but now is a passion for him.

One day, the long-awaited moment arrived when his music moved from being a hobby to being commercially released, when DownKill won the V-Sag remix contest for "Kittie In An Empty House" in the summer of 2006.

Things started moving quickly since then,with releases as DownKill and as part of the duo The Scrubz on Oryx Music, Toes in the Sand, and HeadRush Music. In the summer of 2007, he will have seven more releases on various labels.

DownKill also DJs and performs live PAs as part of The Scrubz. Watch for upcoming gigs in Romania, Turkey, and the United Kingdom!