Listening to Chris Eberhart weave his deep, energetic blend of progressive house, breaks, and tribal, it’s surprising to learn that he began life as a drum-and-bass DJ. But perhaps it shouldn’t be –- despite his eventual trance epiphany, the same musical intensity and focus on wicked drums and basslines still pervades his sets, making him the man for the peaktime hour.

Originally hailing from Albuquerque, NM, Chris relocated to Ohio in 1993 and made frequent appearances on the rave circuit, including Funky Charms, Bump, Feast, Going Deep, and more. Nightclub appearances followed, including Abbasso, Metropolis, Shooters, Annabelles, and Black & Blue. But regardless of where he plays or how many times, Chris never loses the thrill of connecting with the audience.

“It gets really exciting when you see a person who came in looking a little glum,” explains Chris, “then you drop a dope track, and you can instantly see their whole mood change. Dance music is fun because you can do so much with it.”

To prove his point, Chris is seeing just how much he can do with dance music through a flurry of original production. His skills have developed at a remarkable pace, resulting in the signing of his most recent track, “Too Much Vodka,” to Toes in the Sand Recordings.

Working on his own music has given Chris a deeper appreciation of dance music: “People need to realize that dance music is more than simple loops. It’s very intricate and beautiful. People need to look at it more like classical music -- no words are needed to make a song.”