HR018:: The Stain - Dawn EP
Audio samples: Baroque | Black Hole | Dawn                              
Release date: July 10, 2008

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HeadRush Music returns from a long hiatus with our second release from Budapest's The Stain, who follows his Indelible EP (one of our best sellers) with another trio of deep, dark, mental progressive tracks like they made in the good old days. Perfect for the crowd who is ready to take their minds to another level!

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"Black Hole is great! Thanks, definitely playing this out." – Eelke Kleijn

"I think Black Hole sounds great, a nice small room vibe for a chill early or late night. The driving classic progressive vibe of Dawn will definitely land it in my sets. I like the swirling synths and the wobbly bass. Great release!" – Royal Sapien

"'Dawn' is the shit! I will include it in my next monthly radio show, 'Boarding Pass'" – dPen

"Like this one a lot. It is a good throwback to the old stuff." – Naveen G

"The Stain is good, as always! I like the atmosphere in Baroque and Black Hole! Already playing in my radioshows!" – Python

"Thanks for this amazing release from The Stain. Full support from me." – Marcelo Vasami

"Really nice EP - Supporting. The Stain has a great deep sound!" – Ché Armstrong (Neuroscience)

"Loving Black Hole!! Super tune." – Arjun (Jalebee Cartel)

"This new release from The Stain is a nice comeback!" – Stefan Bauer (

"Very good, deep and dreamy atmosphere. Will play all tracks in my radio show!" – DJ SLanG, Progrance Radio
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