HR014 :: Silence 'O' Phobia - Chupakabra
Audio samples: Original | Dynamic Illusion Remix | Faces Remix                                        Artwork: Simon Oxley
Release date: September 17, 2007

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The explosive Hungarian progressive movement continues to grow in strength with its latest export from Silence 'O' Phobia, topped off by stunning remixes from countrymen Dynamic Illusion and Faces. For those who miss the classic progressive sound of years past, this trio of tracks will take you back to better days when there was nothing wrong with drifting away on a sea of blissful breakdowns...

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"WOW! The original mix knocks my socks off. Beautiful, emotional progressive that transports you to another place and time. Clearly firmly rooted in classic prog while exploring a sound that is entirely current. A real pleasure. The Faces mix has a deep late night flavor to it. Will sound perfect at the end of a long evening, coming down and getting comfortable. The Dynamic Illusion mix would make a brilliant opening for an Imax film about light. I appreciate the casual breakbeat in a climate that currently supports massive, dirty breaks and not much else. The breakdown would sound amazing in a large space, bouncing and sliding between the ears. Another top release on HeadRush!!" – Royal Sapien

"Nice and deep progressive release here!" – Andy Moor

"Wouah! Really impressed of the quality of this release. Totally in love with the original mix and the remix from Dynamic Illusion. Will support in my radio show." – Guillaume Nyckees (Galaxie 95.3 FM)

"The original as well as the remixes are on my charts. Excellent production - I'm eager to hear what's next from Silence 'O' Phobia and HeadRush :) " – D-Phrag

"High quality release as always!!! Digging it! Will spin this on our KSK radio show." – Nicholas van Orton

"Solid release, I really like the Faces remix!" – Jay Epoch (Proton Radio)

"The original mix sounds very nice… awesome soundscapes, chilly break, cool vibe! 8.5/10" – The Mystic Force (Rotationz Radio)

"Supported in our radio shows." – Python

"Amazing Dynamic Illusion remix!" – Manu (

"Amazing tracks, really nice prog!! ;))) " – Pablo Roma