HR012 :: Sedative & Sonorone - Untouchable
Audio samples: Original | FeralCode Remix | Isotope Remix                                   Photo courtesy of: Nico Ihlein
Release date: July 16, 2007

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Following his impressive entrance into the progressive world with releases on Emote Music and Pure Substance Records in 2007, Sonorone continues to raise ears on this collaboration with fellow Polish producer Sedative. "Untouchable" combines the deepness of true progressive with the ethereal emotion of classic trance (sans fromage), helping listeners to float a little higher than they might already be. On remix duties are progressive impresario and label owner FeralCode and up-and-coming Polish producer Isotope.

4.5 / 5 - Progressive World

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"Thanks as always for the fresh music. The original mix is very cool, very deep, very melodic. I like the vocal bits in the breakdown and the nice rolling bass. Very much progressive house, a rarity. I love the early progressive feel of the first half of the FeralCode mix, then the beautiful chill synths in the second act. A nice take on the original. The whole package is great! I think I'll most likely play the original and FeralCode most, but all three mixes will be in my box. " – Royal Sapien (Olaris, Fade)

"The FeralCode mix is a good warm-up/building track - like the stabby synths that keep the uplifting melody from being too trancey." – Spesh (Looq)

"I am really feeling this Isotope remix. The ominous atmosphere juxtaposed with the flowing melody moves me into another dimension. Definitely charting this." – Ken Spector (Spector Selector)

"Great package all around. Love the Feralcode mix, it's quite slappy! 9/10" - Blue Room Project

"This package is amazing. The FeralCode remix works well for me and is deffo in the bag...the other remix and original are quite cool as well." – Arjun (Jalabee Cartel)

"I prefer the Hungarian sound by FeralCode! Deep atmospheric & melodic stuff, awesome bassline. 9/10"
– The Mystic Force (Rotationz Radio)

"Great material!!! I love the dark Isotope remix!!
" – Stefan (