HR011 :: DownKill - Northern Lights
Audio samples: Northern Lights | Northern Lights (Marrakech Remix) | Distorted Reality
Release date: June 18, 2007
Photo courtesy of: Peter Lytwyniuk

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On his debut solo release, DownKill reveals a darker, more twisted side that laid dormant in his housier work as part of the duo The Scrubz. But some things haven't changed -- the unique sounds, expert arrangement, and killer basslines are still alive and well. Marrakech, who had a huge debut of their own with their "Natural EP" on FeralCode Records, does it again with a deep, chugging progressive remix with a bit of breaks thrown in for good measure.

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"4 stars" – Progressive World

"Like Northern Lights, both mixes. Will support." – Tarkan (No Smoking Recordings)

"Driving progressive tunes to keep the dance floor moving. In my bag!" – Spesh (Looq)

"What a super pack, as always...all three tracks are amazing...Marrakech Remix will deffo be in my sets."
– Arjun (Jalabee Cartel)

"F**KING AMAZING!!! Exactly what we need in the first month of the summer! Northern Lights (Marrakech) is an awesome tune!! Iit's like a sea breeze in the hot day, when you are laying on the beach! It's full of feelings and summer mood! Distored reallity is also very good -- Ii like the rhythm and programming, really driving tune! Thanks for such a wonderful release!" – Python (Carica Records)

"Will support the remix from Marrakech. Really sweet :-) " – Guillaume Nyckees (Galaxie 95.3 FM France)

"Top notch stuff, I really like Northern Lights; It's deep prog the way I like it. Then there is Distorted Reality, which is just insane, very deep with a good drive. The ending of it is amazing!" – Storyteller

"I prefer the original mix of ‘Northern Lights’. Creepy dark progressive vibes, awesome floating melody, and a stunning deep break. Just the sound I always search for! :) 9/10" – The Mystic Force (Rotationz Radio)