HR007 :: Rob Curtis - Satellite
Audio samples: Original                                                 
Release date: November 29, 2006

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We remember a time when dance music didn't have to be so...well...serious. When you could go to a rave and hear songs that made you laugh as well as dance. With our latest release, "Satellite" by Rob Curtis, we hope to prove that dance and humor can co-exist in harmony without being cheesy. Think "Space Manouevers - Stage One" meets "The Daily Show." But don't think that humor is all that this track has going for it -- the production is top shelf, with breakbeats that flow like liquid over sensual sci-fi pads and synths.

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"Great track. I'm into it and it sounds great. I will play this out when possible." – Anthony Pappa

"Very unique track -- a refreshing psuedo-breaks track that will keep the dancefloor moving!" – Spesh (Looq)

"9/10" – Tini Tun (Balance Record Pool)

"I like this track!" – Frederik (Pako and Frederik)

"Quality sample tweakage, nice tool to layer up in the mix." – Marcus Wortley (Progressivehouse/ALDJ/Ultra+)

"Deep & dark, I dig this. 8/10" – Luis Diaz (Balance Record Pool)

"Very tight breakbeat track. I really like the belly melody ;)" – Nick Hogendoorn

"Excellent production!! Keep it up!!" – Nicholas van Orton

"Charting." – J-Punch (Balance Record Pool)

"It's breaks, it's prog, it's Rob, and it's good, clean-sounding music. 8/10" – Kevin Shiu (Balance Record Pool)

"Cool atmospheric edge in it, brings things to a higher level. 8/10" – The Mystic Force (Rotationz Radio)

"Good stuff. 9/10" – DJ Tekes (Balance Record Pool)

"Charting." – JC (Balance Record Pool)

"A cool breaks track with a nice groove. A great track for the dancefloor." – Nicolás Coronel

"I love this style! Those old-style vocal samples, synths, and breaks - it all creates an awesome atmosphere! Will definitely play this in our shows!" – Python Project (Carica Records)