HR003:: Stereotip Project - The Piano EP
Audio samples: Piano | World | Crying River
Release date: July 27, 2006

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"Nice tracks!!! I'll play them for sure, especially Piano." – Nicholas Van Orton

"Piano could see some crossover play from the Desyn/Demi types with that hook and party atmosphere to the track. I really like the deep rolling lushness of Crying River." – Naveen G

"I'll go for the Piano track, quite like it!!" – DJ Airwave

"This is a really nice release. I like all three tracks from the EP but the standout track for me is Piano. The whole EP has been well thought out, written and produced. I will be charting and playing this for sure."
– Ché Armstrong (Dub Tech Recordings)

"Really good tracks, all of them are very well done, nice music!" – Pablo Roma

"My favourite track is Crying River. Will support and play it out." – Guillaume Nyckees (Galaxie 95.3 FM)

"Powerful and groovy backed up with some smooth pads. Love it!" – Storyteller

"8/10" – Marcus Wortley (Future,, ALDJ)

"Piano is great, dramatic, and has a story to tell. Very classy. Sounds like Hybrid." – DJP5

"Another release I really like! Your taste is really fine. I really like all tracks! 9/10" – The Mystic Force

"Very quality tunes from Russia! World is my favourite - nice mood, have played it in the end of my mix at a party - worked well!" – Oleg Wave