HeadRush Music was founded in New York City in 2000 and is currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our mission is to advance the positive vibes of underground dance-music culture and to broaden the horizons of those who think that dance music is what they hear on mainstream radio.

We began life as an event-production company, organizing high-quality parties with artists and DJs who champion the ideals of the electronic underground, including Jondi and Spesh, Steve Porter, Sean Cusick, Three, Jerry Bonham, and many more.

In 2006, we shifted our focus toward our HeadRush Music digital record label, which along with our vinyl/digital label, Toes in the Sand Recordings, has allowed us to spread the music we love to a worldwide audience. The HeadRush Music label focuses on edgier, deeper sounds that didn't quite fit on our more melodic Toes in the Sand label.

HeadRush Music is managed by David Christopher (aka Deviant) and Amy Dana.

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